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July 18, 2019

Easy Fixes to Sell Your Home

So you've decluttered your house and you're ready to fix it up.  What are the best improvements you can make to your home prior to listing it for sale?  As usual, I have the answers!  These answers are based on over 600 successfully closed real estate transactions, I've seen a lot in my career.

A lot of what we can accomplish depends on whether or not you're still living in the home.  Many of my clients leave town and hand me the keys, which is great.  They have nothing to do while they're gone, Because I will also front the money for necessary repairs and improvements.

Fresh paint goes a long ways when selling a home.  We choose neutral colors that will appeal to the masses.  Ideally, a buyer will want to see that they'll be able to move into your home without having to do a thing...paint is important.

If you have popcorn ceilings, I highly recommend removing them.  nobody wants popcorn ceilings anymore, and I promise you that they're not coming back into style like gold plumbing fixtures (I'm still not on board with that, by the way).  New paint and textured ceilings go hand in hand.

Garage doors take up a huge amount of space in the front of your home.  If you have an old, single panel, heavy garage door, I highly recommend replacing them.  Did you know a newly installed garage door runs about $1,500?  You'll make a great return on that investment.

Old thermostats date your home.  For around $100 you can replace the older, non-digital thermostat and give the whole system a newer feel.  While you're at it, replace the old door bell chime as well!  These small fixes are well worth the expense.

First impressions count; paint your front door if it needs it.  Have fun with the color and bring some life to the entry.

One of the best things you can do prior to selling your home is to clean up the yard!  Make the yard look manageable.  Trim the trees, fertilize the grass, and plant some colorful plants and flowers.  These little fixes will make your home more inviting.

Lastly, fix anything that's broken.  Nobody wants to walk into a home and see a list of things that they need to do prior to moving in.  These items will come up during a home inspection so it's best to get ahead of them.

If you have any questions about your home, give me a call.  I make a few house calls every month to people who are looking to sell their home in the coming years.  We strategize about which improvements to make.  It's never too early and I am happy to meet with you.  I have all the contacts we need to complete any project, and would love to introduce you to my outstanding service providers!

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April 22, 2019

Selling a Home Full of "Stuff"

Let’s face it, the idea of moving isn’t high on everyone’s list.  There are plenty of things that can stop you from selling your home. Maybe your home has a few things that need to be repaired, like a roof or a furnace.  Maybe your home is full of decades worth of contents, and you’re not sure where to start.  It’s even possible you have been put in a position to help someone in your family sell their home, and you’re not sure how to take the first steps.  This is where the right Realtor makes all the difference.

In my career, hundreds of people just like you sell their home. I’ve sold homes that were piled high with personal contents, like truck tires and kit airplanes.  I’ve sold homes that have been overrun by pets.  I’ve sold homes where the swimming pools are green, or even worse yet, empty!  I venture to guess there isn’t much that I haven’t seen over the years.  
My clients benefit from my experience in cleaning up properties prior to putting them on the market for sale.  We meet to discuss their goals and I help them reach them.  Some clients take a “hands-on” approach, while others just leave me the keys on their way to another state.  Every home can be sold “as-is”, that’s easy, and I can help anyone do that, but there are a few simple, smart, and relatively inexpensive improvements a seller can make to net more money when their home sells!  
When someone elects to sell their home, they’re going to move.  This seems obvious, right?  Sellers should embrace the idea of moving and start packing!   Sometimes the easiest thing for a homeowner to do is to take one room in your house and fill it with the contents you plan to keep.  Homeowners can go room by room and remove the items they want, while leaving the rest behind.  That brings up an obvious question… what happens to the stuff they’re not keeping? 
Once a homeowner goes through the process of selecting the items they plan to keep, I bring in a liquidator to take the rest away.   A liquidator purchases the remaining contents in your home.  Let’s face it:  today’s generation doesn’t typically want their parent’s (or anyone else’s) stuff.  It’s even hard to give things away.  Have you tried to give away an old TV lately?  It’s near impossible!  A liquidator hauls away the good, the bad, and the ugly!  Best of all, the homeowners are not left ordering a dumpster, which is costly itself, and spending their time filling it.   I routinely have 2,000 square foot homes, with shops and garages full of contents, emptied out in one day!

Clients often ask me what happens to their contents once the liquidator takes them away.  Their contents are broken down into three categories:  anything of value is taken and sold, some items are donated, and the rest is thrown away.  Anything of value and use finds a good home, and nobody has to worry that things are going to waste, which is a common concern.


At the end of this liquidation process a home seller is left with an empty house, which is ten times better than the cluttered situation they started with in the beginning.  

What happens next? Stay tuned for our next topic… The best improvements home sellers can make to an older home prior to selling.

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July 31, 2017

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